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Traversing | Traverse calculation | How to calculate traverse | Download Traverse calculation excel sheet [Distance Correction Only]

Traverse Calculation Public N Engineers
Traversing Method

Traversing | Traverse calculation | How to calculate traverse ?

What is Traversing ?

In surveying ,the area to be surveyed is divided into a number of triangles .this method is suitable for fairly level ground covering small area .But when the area is large , undulating and crowded with many details triangulation (which is the principle of survey ) is not possible . In such in area , the method of traversing is adopted .
In traversing , the framework consisted of a number of connected line .the length are measure by chain or tape and the directions identified by angle measurement instrument compass. But now a day we are use a good accuracy Total Station instrument .
Note:  Consideration of the traverse in an anticlockwise direction is always convenient in running the survey lines .
Today we are discussing about traversing , Traverse calculation and How to calculate traverse ? The traversing done by Total Station.

How to Calculate ?

  • First calculate distance between traverse point [ input the formula =SQRT((Easting 1-Easting 2)^2+(Northing 1-Northing 2)) ] and calculate Cum Distance [ input previous distance+current distance ] as per the below Image. 
  • Calculate the correction per meter [ input the formula = error/total distance ], here total traverse distance is 691.851m , error of easting is -0.015m and error of northing is -0.030m. So easting correction per meter is =-0.015/691.851 and northing correction per meter is =-0.030/691.851 . Note: when error in (-) then correction will be (+) and when error in (+) then correction will be (-) .
  • Easting correction is =(correction/meter eastiong X cum distance of point) and northing correction is =(correction/meter northing X cum distance of point)asper the below image.
  • Calculate corrected easting [measure easting + easting correction] and norting [measure northing + northing correction], Finally check corrected coordinate with original coordinate of touch point . 
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Watch this video for better understanding.

How to Download This Calculation Sheet :-

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We think this tricks will help you to correction the traverse .Thanks for visit this website .
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