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AutoCad to Google Earth | Kml | kmz

How to plot AutoCad drawing in google earth | Create Kml , Kmz file

Google earth is good software for global mapping and navigation. A normal public are use google earth as a transportation direction , creat a map , measuring distance , setting routes , getting traffic information , location sharing and location editing. In construction and surveying field we all plot autocad drawing into google earth for rechecking the location of this drawing. also can collect topographic data (object location, site elevation etc..) from google map.
We (public n engineering team) usually use google map for fixing the alignment , ground condition , show site hindrances, progress map and many others professional activities. Today we are discussing How to plot autocad drawing in google earth or Create Kml , Kmz file.
AutoCad to Google Earth | Kml | kmz
AutoCad to Google Earth | Kml | kmz.

How to plot AutoCad drawing in google earth ?

  • You need to install global mapper software in your pc.
  • Open data file of autocad drawing.
  • Confirm your project UTM, select your zone, datum, plan unit and elevation unit.
  • After above process the autocad drawing will import in global mapper.
  • Next go to file => export => export vector/lidar format.
  • Choose kml/kmz option from drop down menu.
  • Confirm all setting of kml/kmz option, tiling and export bounds. After all setting hit ok bottom.
  • Choose the destination of file location, save it with a valid name.

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Convert AutoCAD to KML Online

Now you can also able to convert autocad drawing to KML online. If you search in google there are so many website to convert the kml file. Some trusted website link are given below, all website are free converter tools.


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