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Free Software For Stockpile Volume Calculation

Free Software For Stockpile Volume Calculation

Free Software For Stockpile Volume
Free Software For Stockpile Volume Calculation
In construction field stockpile volume measurement and its calculation is monthly work program.Today we are going to share how to calculate stockpile volume by free software.We can also calculate volume of stockpile in manually but this is not a actual volume calculate process, for calculate a lump sum volume of stockpile we can use this process but when we go for accurate volume we need to process in software. To calculate the volume of stockpile in manual no need any software, we can calculate by Microsoft excel and Autocad. To calculate the volume of stockpile by software, we are using Surfer , Trimble Terramodel , Kubla Cubed etc . All mention software are paid version but you can get crack version in torrent website and many others crack website.We,the public n engineers team are not recommended you to use crack version software. 
Today our sharing topic is free version software for stockpile volume calculation and how it work. The software is Kubla Cubed free version. If you don't have this software you can download from its official website.
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About Kubla Cubed.

Free Software For Stockpile Volume
Free Software For Stockpile Volume Calculation
We can be producing cut & fill estimates in very easy, even if don't have previous experience. The free version can be used for simple earthworks estimating. Its has all inport method like PDF, JPG, BMP , DWG, DXF, XML etc. The viewing option is 3D and fly over camera. In free version also work in Proposed Strip/Spread Design, Proposed Level Area Design and its has many others useful Features which can be used in pro version. Kubla Cubed has the tools you need to get the job done. For more details visit Kubla Cubed official websit.

How it work ?

First import the point data file and outline/boundary file. We can import point file in .csv format and import boundary file in .dxf file. If you have no outline /boundary file then its can be generate by automatic. After importing the data and outline /boundary file a 3d surface will ready in Existing Sheet. For calculate the volume of this 3d surface go Proposed 1 Sheet and add a Platform by selecting the surface outer line. Modifies the volume as per your require by changing the bottom level and its offset.
For better understanding and more details visit its official website and Tutorial videos in youtube.

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