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Top Keyword Planner Tool

Top Keyword Planner Tool

Keyword planner tool is a very important part to Search a good keyword and ranks it on your website, blogger, youtube channel or any other networking. There are many Top keyword planner tools are available in the market but they are paid tools. Today we are present a top keyword planner tool Google Adwords.
This is a free keyword planner tool to generate SEO keywords but if you do any mistake to signup process then you never back. I have already missed my two Gmail id by the wrong process of signup in google adwords. 

How to signup free in google AdWords?

  • Open www.google.com/adwords in your google chrome and go login option (Right side top portion of the window)
  • Never click on the main advertising goal. If you choose any advertising goal by mistake then you will never back on this page. So choose Experienced with Google Ads? Option.
  • Select a campaign type
  • Never click on any campaign type. If you choose any campaign type by mistake then you will never back in this page. So choose Create an account without a campaign Option.
  • Next Confirm your business information:- Billing Country, time zone, currency and submit your details.
  • Your signup process is complete and google will show congrats! You’re all done. Simple hit on exploring your account bottom for redirect your AdWords account.
Top Keyword Planner Tool
Top Keyword Planner Tool

How to research your keywords?

  • Go tools and setting option from the top bar and hit keyword planner (A keyword planner feedback window will appear). Simply go to keyword planner.
  • For research a keyword to rank your website, blogger, YouTube channel hit find new keywords bottom.
  • Enter a keyword to know Avg. monthly searching volume, competition, ad impression share, top of page bid, account status, etc. Select location(one or more location you can select), language and search network(we suggest you add google and search partner option). Choose your best ranking keywords from most searching keywords ideas.
We think this process will help you to goal your target keywords in your website, blogger, youtube channel carrier.
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