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Free VPN for PC and Android

Free VPN for PC and Android

Welcome to Public N Engineers, Today I will show you how you can set up a free VPN connection on your windows without using any third-party software we are using the Windows inbuilt feature to set up a VPN connection on our Windows machine. In this post we will share you both the methods how you can connect to a VPN server using Windows 7 and Windows 10 as well as android
Free VPN for PC and Android
Free VPN for PC and Android

1. Free Unlimited VPN For Windows

Today we are going to share about  VPN Tricks for windows 7, 8, 10. As you all know VPN is Virtual Private Network. Now days mostly everyone uses it. But unfortunately, we get limited access on free once or poor service because of Ads running on VPN software. We got a solution for your unlimited VPN Without Ads and the best speed. No trial version no nothing Full Free Version.
The first method for free VPN is using changing DNS As Domain Name Server contains all the sites. so your ISP may block sites on their server So, by using other DNS we can Unblock sites We can change DNS without any software installation.

VPN by changing DNS:-

Using VPN by changing DNS Here I will use the 2 best DNS One is Google DNS second is free Nome DNS. Go to in your browser type Google DNS This one is free Nome These both are fast DNS as compare to others Now let’s use the DNS Go to network and sharing center & get Change adapter settings. Just do exactly what I m doing Click apply and save now your most of the sites will be unblocked. If one DNS is not working try using others.

VPN book: -

Using VPN book In this method we are using a VPN site which provide PPTP VPN servers Go to browser type VPN BOOK in search Basically it provides 6 VPN servers you can use any one of them its up to you which one you want to use when site is loaded click on PPTP you will find these servers Now do exactly what I'm doing Suggestion: Do not copy password write as it is. like the way I'm doing it Note: this site changes its server every month so do not get panic if VPN does not connect after some time just come here again and get a new password to edit your windows settings and put the new password your VPN will work again after saving connect to this VPN Enjoy!

Psiphon VPN software:-

Psiphon VPN software for PC
Psiphon VPN software for PC

using  Psiphon VPN software 100% Free software no ADS no pop-ups best service go to browser type Psiphon click download and download for windows they made it for every OS so I will also make a video How to use Psiphon free on android so stay tuned After downloading it do not require any installation just double click to run it Its connecting... When it is connected it will open a window for once close it and enjoy free VPN!

2. Free VPN Connection Using OpenVPN [Method-1]

If you are looking for a free VPN for windows then I show you how to set up a free VPN connection on windows 10 using Open VPN. Now I show you a method in which I show you software to create a VPN tunnel and It is easy to set up and costs nothing.
Free VPN Connection Using OpenVPN for PC
Free VPN Connection Using OpenVPN for PC

Step 1-Download OpenVPN Setup:-

Click for Download the windows installer file of OpenVPN from here. After that run set up file as administrator and run it through the all setup process. Now you have installed the Open VPN GUI and It is step 1.

Step 2 Download OpenVPN GUI Config Files:-

Now you have to download the Open VPN GUI Config Files from Below here. I have given a link there you can find a list of top free Open VPN servers and I picked up the best one herein this website, you can realize completely different European servers and that they are ar free and secured and that I download all of them. To find the best server for you select a server location near to you suppose I am in Indian now I need to select a server a location like Russia or South Korea or Singapore But not the US Because it is so far but sometimes according to the server providers the internet speed may differ For me the France server I downloaded is faster than the Russian servers check different servers and select the best one.

Step 3 How to VPN:-

Now we set up an Open VPN Connection Go to the files you downloaded and here select anyone I select a France server Here you will find four Open VPN files Select UDP servers because they are faster than TCP and copy the mand go to Local Disk C and go to program files and go to Open VPN and go to config here paste the file, click on continue and that’s now the config file was pasted here. now run Open VPN GUI In the taskbar, you can see the Open VPN GUI Icon Right Click on it and click on connect as the server is secured It asks for Username and Password. now go the chrome and go the website where you downloaded it. here you can see Username and Password Copy the Username and paste it here and also copy the password and paste it here and click on Ok. You can see the VPN is now connected. Now move to Google chrome Check my location and you'll be able to see my location is in France really, I'm in Asian country immediately, however, it shows France. It means I am using a VPN Now lets check the Internet Speed actually, my internet speed is 400 Kbps before connecting to VPN now lets check what is the speed You can see the internet speed is increased It is 2.4 Mbps To disconnect again go to the taskbar Right-click on Open VPN GUI icon and click on disconnect.

3. Free VPN Connection Using OpenVPN [Method-2]

In this post, I am talking about a different website through which we can connect to a free VPN server and use a computer over the Internet Without being tracked by any other comment or any other company So first thing what we need to download the Open VPN Client so we need to go into open VPN website. We need to go into the download section and it will take a moment.

How to Download and use VPN?

  • So once we set up a VPN account on Open VPN, that is the client tool Through which we will go ahead and configure our Open VPN. This is our client tool which is downloaded. lets go and open it And yes, and let's go to install it. I agree next install. I always trust software from Open VPN technology which will install it so as you can see the Installation for Open VPN is complete. 
  • The client is installed now we need to click on next and Finish it will open a file that contains all the information on how you can configure it. You can go through this fileLet me just close it.
  •  the first thing you need to do is Open your Open VPN. 
  • So when you type open in the search box, you will see open. We have been right here You need to right-click and then run as administrator, click on yes 
  • Once you do that as you can see no readable connection profile. We didn’t create any profile right now So we need to send all the information to these folders Open VPN config or c program files open VPN config. 
  • So right now we need to download the config file So let's go and click on. Ok, it will be down here as you can see Right now it's waiting for the connection. You will see a white logo right now because it’s not connected.
  •  So let’s go ahead and open our website through which we will go ahead and download the configuration file for our Open VPN. The website is VPNbook.Com This is the website from where we need to download all the information all the configuration files

  •  we are using Open VPN as a client to connect to the Open VPN server, If you want to purchase a dedicated VPN, you can also go here and as you can see7.95 per month 30 days money-back guarantee. 
  • These are the dedicated servers and for like normal things you can go Download Open VPN files from here. So let’s go ahead and download some files, we will go with all server download and As you can see the username and the passwords are right here. You need to copy and paste the username and password So the username and the password is right there and all the files are downloaded successfully.
  • Now  just go and open it, first of all, extract these files, here are four Files you can see one is for TCP80 port., Another one is TCP443 ports Then udp53 port UDP25000 port. I recommend you to use UDP ports because they are more secure than TCP one.
  • Now you need to paste these files. you need to go into C Then program file we will see a folder created here with the name Open VPN. You need to open it and then we need to go into the config folder and just paste all the files here.
  •  Then we will try to connect to all of this one by one and check What it makes difference to our network, first open what’s my IP by Google chrome, you can see the IP address. Let’s go ahead and open another tab and try to connect to the VPN now by right-click on open VPN logo and as you can see you have pasted all these for VPN config file in our config folder. So we will try to connect to the first one. Let’s try to connect  
  •  Once you try to connect it, it will ask for the username and the password. We have already copied it from the website. Input username and password and click on ok.
  • Let’s check whether it's connected or not, once it's connected you will see a green signal on open VPN logo like a green light on the VPN. 
  • So we are connected now. Let’s check  What’s your IP now? you can see the IP has changed 
  • So let’s check what’s the location it's giving you.
  • You can also go ahead and check this VPN service from the VPN book. It's totally free you can use it, You can download as many files as you want and try to connect them One by one.  if you face any problem, you have the comment section. You can write down in the comment section, I will try to help you and If you like my post, don’t forget to share. 

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